Trevor Zegras criticizes Team Canada players for their failed Michigan attempts, claims they’re doing it wrong

The Junior World Championship has been much about the Michigan during the early stages of the tournament. And who knows better about it than Trevor Zegras?

The Anaheim Ducks phenom is known as the king of Michigan goals, and nobody in the world does them better than him. Last year, he was the first player in NHL history to record a Michigan assist.

This season, he’s already had a Michigan recalled, as his breathtaking goal was disallowed after his teammate Dmitry Kulikov was reviewed offside earlier on the play. The Michigan splits the hockey world in two. Many believe it takes some real skill and that it’s a definitive part of the modern game.

ANAHEIM, CA – MARCH 1: Trevor Zegras #46 of the Anaheim Ducks skates during warm-up before the game against the St. Louis Blues at Honda Center on March 1, 2021 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images)

However, many also think it’s unnecessary and doesn’t belong in a tough sport like hockey. But Trevor Zegras is among the most popular players in the NHL, mostly because of his jaw-dropping Michigans and dekes. Many young players now have the Michigan in their repertoire, which shows during the World Junior Championship.

As Team Canada played their first game of the tournament, Adam Fantilli and Connor Bedard both attempted to score Michigan goals in the first period. They both were heavily criticized for not scoring their attempts, and Canada lost 5-2.

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When Team Canada played their second game of the tournament, a Michigan attempt happened yet again, but it once again failed. Now, Trevor Zegras criticized the players, and he’s claiming they’re doing it wrong.

“I think they’ve got to pick it up a little bit quicker. I think they’re making it too obvious. A little more discreet, maybe a little quicker,” he told the Orange County Register.

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Experts have slammed Team Canada, claiming they should focus more on playing hockey than on scoring fancy goals. But the players told the media that they don’t plan on skilling their way to the finals.

“We’re trying it a lot. It’s a skilled play, I get it, but I think that’s how our game’s going right now. We’re trying to skill our way through it. We’re trying to toe-drag and beat guys 1-on-1 and to win you have to play the right way, play together and play as a team,” Arizona Coyotes winger Dylan Guenther told TSN’s Mark Masters.

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