Detroit Red Wings

When Michael Jordan defended Chris Chelios

MJ showed up at the United Center, only to support Chris Chelios.

Darren McCarty on playing with Probert

Darren McCarty speaks with The Hockey Beast on the fighting advice he got from Bob Probert

Ken Holland tells incredible story of how close the Red Wings were to draft both Bure and Fedorov

The 1989 NHL Draft was something else. The Quebec Nordiques picked Mats Sundin as the number one pick, but if ...

Gabriel Landeskog sacrifices himself for the team twice

Gabriel Landeskog made a huge sacrifice before Avalanche goal.

When Pavel Datsyuk wanted some action and went after Zdeno Chara

Pavel Datsyuk decided to go after the biggest guy in the league.

Bertuzzi sucker punches Calvert in rekindling of Avs-Red Wings rivalry

It all started in 1996. Claude Lemieux of the Colorado Avalanche delivered a nasty check to Red Wings forward Kris ...