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When Wayne Gretzky gave the worst pre-game speech ever, and almost gave the coach a heart attack

Wayne Gretzky ended up with 2 857 points in 1 487 NHL games before ending his amazing career with the ...

When Rick Tocchet broke his one and only rule, and asked Sean Avery to put on a suit and fight him

Few players has received as much hate in the NHL as Sean Avery. The former forward were the ultimate agitator, ...

Brad Marchand rips fan to pieces after mocking himself(!) on social media

Brad Marchand always find a way of being in the centre of attention. The Boston Bruins forward often turns up ...

When Hasek took 100 slap shots before a game

Wanted to prove he still had it

When Wayne Gretzky got mic'd up and said this(!)

The Great One chirped himself

Wes McCauley turns into dad during Stanley Cup Finals

What would the Stanley Cup finals be like without Wes McCauley? The legendary referee’s been calling the shots in the ...