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Hull's words to Keenan after refusing the gym

This is so legendary

When Brett Hull saved Kelly Chase from trade

He really went the extra mile

When Kelly Chase got instant regret after fight

He surely would like to forget this bar fight...

Henrik Lundqvist had the wisest things to say about Jordan Binnington's attacks against the Wild, he wasn't happy

Total chaos erupted in St. Louis Wednesday, and Jordan Binnington was to blame. It’s not the first time the goalie ...

Jordan Binnington goes berserk and attacks opponent, almost ends up in a goalie fight with Marc-Andre Fleury

Jordan Binnington is known for having a hot temper, and it’s not unusual for him to lash out against opponents. ...

This story on how Scotty Bowman saved Darren McCarty from fighting Tony Twist is hilarious

Tony Twist wasn’t the most popular player when the 1988 NHL Entry Draft started. He got passed for 176 picks ...