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That time Brett Hull took revenge on Mike Keenan

Keenan forced Hull to sit out a team penalty, and he didn't like it...

Hull's words to Keenan after refusing the gym

This is so legendary

When Brett Hull saved Kelly Chase from trade

He really went the extra mile

Joe Sakic shares a hilarious detail about Brett Hull's infamous words to Sean Avery after chirp attempt

It’s one of the most infamous stories in the NHL. Sean Avery was the enforcer who never, ever held back. ...

Brett Hull never had his slap shot clocked, and the reason why is absolutely hilarious

He wasn’t really close to Al MacInnis’s slap shot, but Brett Hull still had incredible speed in his shots. Hull ...

Brett Hull reveals story behind him giving the Bruins the finger

Brett Hull became an internet sensation after the finger situation in game six last spring.