Henrik Lundqvist steals the show with awesome chirps during mid-game interview with his twin brother

On Jan. 28 this year, Henrik Lundqvist’s number 30 was officially retired by the New York Rangers. The goalie played for 15 seasons in New York and never played an NHL game with another team. Lundqvist actually signed with the Washington Capitals, but after discovering a heart issue, he was forced to announce his retirement in August 2021.

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He never played with another team than the Rangers in the NHL, but he also played with a Swedish team before being one of the best goalies in the world. Lundqvist played five seasons with Frölunda in Sweden before moving to New York.

Since retiring, the club hadn’t gotten the opportunity to honor their former goalie, but on Wednesday, it was finally time. Lundqvist’s number 35 wasn’t retired as he played in Frölunda for too short, as a minimum of ten years is required by Frölunda.

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But he was honored in front of a sell-out crowd in Göteborg, and a special moment before puck drop was when his twin brother Joel, who’s still playing in Frölunda, held a speech to his brother.

But during the game, of course, Henrik had to steal the show. As the first period had ended, Joel Lundqvist was heading for a TV mid-game interview. But to his big surprise, Henrik Lundqvist held the interview microphone. The interview was, unfortunately, in Swedish, but Henrik’s first question was how much Joel had memorized his pre-game speech.

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Henrik then asked some more serious questions about how he felt during the first period and how the team played. But of course, the two brothers chirped each other, and as Joel skated off, he rubbed his glove in Henrik’s face.

Henrik laughed many times during the interview, and so did Joel. It’s just so great to see King Henrik enjoying his retirement and his love for his brother.

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