When Gretzky, Lemieux, and Hull pulled the most epic prank on golf course, the poor caddie didn’t have a clue

Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and Brett Hull are perhaps the three best players of all time. They completely dominated on the ice, but not only there.

One of the reasons the trio is so loved and respected by the hockey community is how great they actually are as persons. They’re all a real class act and quite impossible not to like.

Like most hockey players, they changed their hockey sticks to golf clubs when they retired. Of course, most retired NHL players take up golfing, but seeing Gretzky, Lemieux, and Hull playing together on the golf course is special.

One time, the trio played together, and it was a memorable experience for everyone involved. But they also pulled off an epic prank just to make sure a caddie would never, ever forget it.

As they played in a charity event, walking from one hole to another, Mario Lemieux and Brett Hull strolled side-by-side, suddenly laughing. In the background of the trio, Lemieux’s caddie was struggling to carry on with Mario’s clubs.

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Eventually, The Great One catches up with the caddie and asks, ”Steve, you’re struggling there! What you got in there?”

Gretzky also had trouble keeping his laughter away, and you could tell that something fishy was going on. 

Gretzky also asked Mario if his ”clubs are heavier than other clubs,” and Lemieux and Hull couldn’t keep it together. Eventually, when the trio lost their composure completely, the caddie stopped his tracks, and to his big surprise, he found a set of weights in the golf bag. Everyone just died from laughter.

We really feel for this poor caddie, but it was a great memory that he will never forget, and to actually be pranked by Mario Lemieux, Brett Hull, and Wayne Gretzky, well, I guess you could take it. And to even get the opportunity to carry Mario Lemieux’s clubs and be in the same pairing as these three icons… I know I would’ve done it, even if I knew I would be pranked. 

Golf is considered a serious sport, but it’s so nice to see superstars like these have fun on the course. What legends!

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