Fans can’t stop laughing at what Jordan Binnington did against Connor McDavid, he was so confused

Jordan Binnington has had an up-and-down season. He’s a great goalkeeper when he’s focused, but more often than not, he finds himself in some kind of controversy.

Jordan Binnington has even been criticized by his own coach this year for doing weird stuff on the ice.

Some weeks ago, he left his goal to clear the puck but instead tried to body-check Jordan Staal. It ended in Binnington getting checked to the ice, and it just wasn’t a great look.

Then, just days later, he got pulled from a game against Pittsburgh, and on his way to the bench, he tried to start a fight with the Pens players, which led Blues’ head coach Craig Berube to take action.

“It’s got to stop. It doesn’t help anything,” Berube said postgame. “Just play goal, stop the puck.”

Since then, Binnington has started to focus on playing goal and upped his performance a lot. When St. Louis Blues came from behind to win against the Edmonton Oilers Thursday, he did a great game and shutout Connor McDavid and the Oilers through overtime and the shootout.

But during the game, Binnington had a weird incident with Connor McDavid that showed that Binnington is still himself.

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Connor McDavid rushed the goal with six minutes to play in the third period, but he was pushed by a Blues player and fell onto Binnington. They both ended up in the goal, and then, Binnington decided to lay on top of Connor McDavid.

The ref had to blow the whistle to stop the play, and Connor McDavid was confused and a little annoyed with Binnington.

Fans thought the situation was hilarious, and the comment section on social media was pure gold.

”McDavid must have been cold and Binnington was offering to warm him up with a quick cuddle,” one said.

”Gotta stop McDavid by any means possible,” another said.

”I wrote a whole forbidden romance fanfic in my head during those few seconds,” a third added.

”Ok I can’t stand this guy and all of his other antics, but this is pretty funny,” a fourth added.

Many people actually praised Binnington for the move against McDavid.

”That’s actually pretty funny and clever. Can’t lie but good job Binnington lmao. I love cheap tactics as long nobody is getting hurt and if it’s clever,” one said.

”He’s annoying but funny. This is pretty harmless,” another said.

”Dude crosses the line sometimes but holy shit he is funny,” a third said.

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