When Don Cherry couldn’t hold back his tears just because of how great Bobby Orr was at playing hockey

Bobby Orr is one of the most talented defensemen of all time, and according to some, he may well be the best player in history. He completely changed the game, and after him, everyone realized that defenders could score points too.

Orr is a legend, and 915 points in the NHL are the ultimate evidence. He’s 1st All-Time in goals/game, assists/game, and points/game by a defenseman, and how he skated around people was revolutionary.

Nobody had ever played the game as Orr did, and not only did he change how defensemen play, nobody has done it better than him, not before and not after. He was simply an unstoppable force and, at the same time, more elegant than any other, leading to a remarkable career.

Unfortunately, Orr’s style of play took a toll on his body, especially his left knee.

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He struggled with injuries throughout his career, and the surgeries shortened his career. Who knows how many points he would have if only he were injury-free?

It’s no secret that legendary television commentator Don Cherry has high thoughts about Bobby Orr. Once, he even said that Orr is number one, ahead of Wayne Gretzky. And one time, he even cried when he saw footage of Orr playing hockey.

Hockey Night In Canada once showed a video montage of Bobby Orr’s best goals and plays and highlights of his remarkable career. Don Cherry was the commentator, and he got choked up when he saw the clip. Cherry couldn’t say anything, as he was just sitting there with tears in his eyes.

This really speaks volumes about what a great player Bobby Orr was, and this reaction is pure gold. What a legend!

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