Brad Marchand’s first reaction to Tyler Bertuzzi joining the Bruins was caught on camera and we can’t stop laughing

Before the trade deadline, the Boston Bruins acquired Tyler Bertuzzi from the Detroit Red Wings. Bertuzzi has been doing a great job as an agitator in Detroit, and although he doesn’t score as many points as Brad Marchand, there are similarities between the two.

And it’s no wonder they’ve been involved in a scrum during one of their previous meetings.

Back in December 2018, both Marchand and Bertuzzi were the ones who initially started a line brawl between the teams. Since then, it has been some tension between them, and it’s easy to understand why. That’s what their roles are on the ice.

Marchand is known for being one of the nastiest players in the NHL, and nobody in league history has earned more individual suspensions than he. Bertuzzi plays the same role, and when two players with the same role face each other, it often leads to some kind of confrontation.

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That’s also why many looked at the trade as unexpected and exciting. How would Brad Marchand, one of the most get-under-your-skin-players in the league, react to Bertuzzi, a player he had previously scrapped with?

It turns out he took it with ease. In ”Behind the B’s,” the documentary following the Boston Bruins from the inside, we got to see Brad Marchand’s first-ever reaction to Tyler Bertuzzi being a member of the Boston Bruins. And it was absolutely hilarious.

Earlier this year, the Bruins also traded for Garnet Hathaway. Last year, Hathaway threw a hit on Marchand that the Bruins called duty.

When the news about Bertuzzi came, Marchand was in the gym, talking to Hathaway.

”Looking like you want trouble!” Marchand said. ”We got a bunch of trouble on the team now.”

When Hathaway asked if Marchand ”ever felt so comfortable?” He responded:

”I don’t have anyone I dislike now. I love everyone in the league. All the guys I hate are now on our team.”

Just watch the clip for yourself. We promise it’s worth the watch:

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