Paul Bissonnette left speechless for the first time ever following ruthless chirp from Ryan Reaves

If you love enforcers, chirps, and hilarious one-liners, then Ryan Reaves is your guy. Reaves is one of the toughest guys in the league, known for his physical presence on the ice and for putting the work in for the sake of his team.

Reaves is also known for being a master in chirping, and that’s why it’s the best thing when TNT broadcasts the Minnesota Wild’s games. The NHL on TNT has been a huge hit, with a panel of hilarious experts.

They talk about more than just hockey, they make it entertaining to watch, and some of the panelists’ relationships with the active players just bring some very interesting TV.

Ryan Reaves is one of TNT’s favorites as well, and it’s no wonder. One of the most well-liked guys on the TNT broadcast is Paul Bissonnette, and every time they do an interview, BizNasty is there to hand out a chirp.

Just this season, Reaves and Bissonnette have chirped each other several times during TNT’s broadcasts, and on Wednesday, it was time for another round.

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Ryan Reaves has been mocked for how few goals he has scored this season, but now he had two straight games with a goal and an assist. When asked about it, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to chirp BizNasty.

”You know, if you compare me and Biz’s stats from the last two games, to his whole career, it got to be pretty similar,” he said.

Bissonnette has a quick mouth and always chirps back. But not this time.

”I’m gonna shut up here, because you’ve earned the respect of our panel, and I would put you as the front-runner of Mr. TNT right now.”

Later on, Bissonnette proceeded to yet again praise Reaves for his hard work and his contribution to the Minnesota Wild. Before Reaves left the interview microphone, Bissonnette once again congratulated Reaves for his recent success.

It was just such a wholesome moment between two guys who rarely have something nice to say to or about each other.

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