Henrik Lundqvist had the wisest things to say about Jordan Binnington’s attacks against the Wild, he wasn’t happy

Total chaos erupted in St. Louis Wednesday, and Jordan Binnington was to blame. It’s not the first time the goalie went completely berserk during a game, but this might actually take the price.

Binnington put on a shitshow, to say the least, and all hell broke loose as he punched Wild’s forward Ryan Hartman with his blocker glove straight in the face.

Jordan Binnington had previously in the game, as he allowed the Minnesota Wild’s fourth goal in the game, skated past the Wild’s bench to mix things up. When Minnesota eventually scored their fifth of the game, things got out of hand.

If it weren’t for the officials, we would’ve had a goalie fight between Binnington and Marc-Andre Fleury as the Wild’s goalie skated the length of the ice to confront Binnington.

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Bennington was ejected from the game and was booed by the fans as he left the ice. But it wasn’t just fans, players, and coaches who disagreed with Binnington’s behavior.

During the NHL on TNT’s broadcast, former New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist slammed Binnington for his actions, especially for waiving to the fans after his fight.

Lundqvist, a Rangers icon, claimed he would never think about reacting to five allowed goals as Binnington did.

”I remember giving up five goals, and I just wanted to hide behind a rock or something. Just disappear. I would definitely not wave to the crowd,” he said.

”But as a goalie, you have different ways to get into your sweet spot when you’re focused, and you’re making good decisions. And to me, if I over-reacted to things, it was just a sign to me that I’m not on top of my game. But Binnington has different ways to get in there, but the question is: Is he doing too much, to try to get to his sweet spot? It’s ben a lot of incidents last couple of years, now.”

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