Jordan Binnington goes berserk and attacks opponent, almost ends up in a goalie fight with Marc-Andre Fleury

Jordan Binnington is known for having a hot temper, and it’s not unusual for him to lash out against opponents. But last night, the goalie took it to new heights, and he displayed a real shit show in the matchup against the Minnesota Wild.

After Minnesota scored three unanswered goals to take the lead, 4-3, Binnington skated past the Wild bench, trying to mix it up with his opponents. However, he didn’t get any reaction, but it wouldn’t take long until Binnington lost his mind.

After giving up yet another goal – the Wild’s fifth of the game – Binnington left the crease and went after Ryan Hartman, who had two goals and an assist in the game. Binnington swung his blocker glove at the forward’s face, and all hell broke loose.

Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury even left his goal and skated the full length of the ice to get in the action. He went after a mask-less Binnington but was eventually interrupted by officials, who separated the goalies and sent Binnington off the ice.

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Binnington was ejected for the punch, and post-game, he said it took him by surprise. Instead, he made a harsh comment about Hartman.

“A little bit (surprised). I don’t think I caught him too clean with my going after him,” Binnington said. “Like I said, he’s pretty good at diving. That’s his game and that’s totally fine. If they don’t want to stay in there and compete until that end, that’s fine, but that’s it, that’s the ref’s decision and that’s fine.”

Hartman, on the other hand, thought it wasn’t any doubt.

“I mean, those blockers aren’t soft,” Hartman said. “We don’t have much protection on our face. I’d say so (it was a cheap shot). It’s nothing new from him. He’s been doing stuff like this for a while.”

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