When Alex Ovechkin turned into a robot, mocking Don Cherry over celebration criticism

Alex Ovechkin has always shown a lot of emotion on the ice. Considering how many goals he scores, it is evident that there have been many wild celebrations throughout the years.

When the Capitals finally won the Stanley Cup, Ovechkin was the one who celebrated the hardest, as well as the longest. Whenever he scores, it is clear how much it means to him, but not everyone likes it.

Source: Youtube

Years ago, Ovechkin received criticism from legendary commentator and sports writer Don Cherry about how the Russian star celebrated and showed too much emotion. Ovechkin got on TV and responded in the best way possible.

”Different minds. Old people, you know”, said Ovechkin.

Source: Youtube

He then did a robot impersonation.

”You can go like this; you have to skate like this, ah-ah-ah. No celebration when you score a goal. Beep beep beep! Thank you, Don!”.

He then finished off by saying:

 ”No, that will never be me.”

See video here (06.46):

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