When the Hanson Brothers finally met Bob Probert and got absolutely starstruck

‘Slap Shot’ premiered back in 1977, and many still consider it one of the greatest sports movies of all time. The movie wasn’t an immediate success, but every hockey fan in the world has grown to love it.

And for many, it’s the absolute number one when ranking classic hockey cinemas.

When talking about Slap Shot, you have to mention the Hanson Brothers. They were completely crazy on the ice and in the dressing room.

Source: Youtube

With their unique look, with glasses and long hair, they became legends in hockey.

But, of course, there haven’t been many players like the Hanson Brothers in the NHL. But Bob Probert wasn’t far away. He was also wholly crazy on the ice and never backed down for anyone.

Source: Youtube

That’s why it was so special when the Hanson Brothers met with Probert back in the 90s. It’s clear that both got star-struck by the meeting, but the Hanson Brothers didn’t hesitate to show what they thought of Probert, by getting down on their knees and hailing Probert as a king.

Talk about legends!

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