Watch this young fan challenge agitator Tie Domi – in the parking lot

Tie Domi’s one of the most feared fighters in NHL history. But off the ice, he’s known to be one of the friendliest. Just take a look at this video, that really shows his great charisma.

Throughout his NHL career, Tie Domi accumulated an astonishing 3515 penalty minutes. Mostly remembered for his ten seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Domi’s primary task was protecting the swede Mats Sundin.
“He protected me all those years. It was a tough job, both physically and mentally. To be an “enforcer” was the toughest job in the league”, Sundin told the Toronto Star.

Young fan pushing boundaries

Domi have been a subject of interest in many controversial incidents on the ice. But off the ice, Domi’s a different person. When promoting his biography during a event In New York, friends like Mario Lemieux, Floyd Mayweather and baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez were at his side. But during the presentation of his book, Domi recognized several members of the hotel staff, people he’d gotten to know during his stays at the hotel.

And maybe this young Montreal Canadien fan knew exactly how polite Domi were of the ice. Because otherwise, we’re not sure that he would’ve had the guts sneaking up on Domi like in the video down below – and doing this:

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