That time Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux sent shivers down fans’ spines with humiliating goal on Patrick Roy

If you ask a hockey fan who the two greatest players of all time are, you’ll probably get Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux as the answer.

Wayne Gretzky is known as The Great One and still holds close to 60 NHL records. Mario Lemieux had injuries and ill health, overshadowing most of his career, but when he was healthy, he was an unstoppable force who could do anything on the ice.

Gretzky and Lemieux played in the NHL simultaneously and placed each other on 25 occasions. They both led their teams, scored goals and assists, and absolutely no one could stop them. It’s a pity they didn’t get a chance to play more together.

Both Gretzky and Lemieux were a part of Team Canada at the ’87 Canada Cup. They both were at or near their peaks, and it was a tournament that will forever live on in the hearts of hockey fans.

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But it wasn’t the only time the two played together. Both played in the 1997 NHL All-Star Game and on the same team as well. And it led to a legendary moment where the two superstars beat legendary goalie Patrick Roy.

Gretzky and Roy weren’t the youngest guys in the game, but they had the skills and smartness to still dominate. At one point in the game, Gretzky got the puck just behind Patrick Roy’s goal. He saw that Roy’s stick was on the ice, so he flipped it over, and it landed perfectly on Lemieux’s blade, and he didn’t give Roy a chance with his shot in goal.

After the goal, Gretzky and Lemieux celebrated with a hug and then sat next to each other on the bench, smiling. And as one person on Youtube said in the comment section:

”Seeing those two sit next to each other on the bench is spine tingling.”

You never get tired of watching this goal, and in the comment sections, people absolutely love it.

”Awesome. The greatest passer ever to the softest hands ever. Those two were miles ahead of everyone else,” one said.

”Two Jedi masters,” another said.

”From Gretzky to Lemieux on Roy. Doesn’t get better than that,” a third added.

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