That time Ulf Samuelsson hit Wayne Gretzky’s wife, and The Great One had to rush off the ice

Many strange things have happened in NHL history. But the question is if something will ever come close to when Ulf Samuelsson, Wayne Gretzky, and Mrs. Gretzky ended up in the center of events.

The strange incident happened in October 1997. Gretzky’s teammate Ulf Samuelsson tackled an opponent up against the boards, but the glass fell right through on the spectators. And it just so happened that Wayne Gretzky’s wife was sitting there.

Source: Youtube

After the hit, Gretzky disappeared a short time out of the ice – as you can see in the clip – but later returned and finished playing.
He had to defend the decision to return to the ice.
”Maybe I shouldn’t have continued. But we knew she was okay. So there was not much for me to do,” Gretzky told the New York Times.

Ulf Samuelsson also commented on the incident.

” I was scared. She just laid there, pretty white in the face,” he said.

If the Swede thought he was still friends with Wayne Gretzky?

” I guess I have to say goodbye now. The club will indeed send me far away from this city,” he said with a smile.

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