When Alex Ovechkin got a terrible idea and thought he could take down Zdeno Chara

Alexander Ovechkin has always been known for his powerful shots and hard playing style, as many players have gotten to know the feeling of his heavy hits over the years.

Ovechkin is kind of unique in that way. Numerous players have scored hundreds of goals in the NHL, but not many have had Ovechkin’s pure strength and physicality. Ovechkin doesn’t back down for anyone, but sometimes it would be better to take a step back. For example, if you come up against Zdeno Chara.

In a game between the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins, the Russian went in for a rock-hard tackle behind the goal.

But the moment he drove in like a steamroller against Chara, it all went wrong. Chara just stood there, looked up at Ovechkin, and gave him a tiny push.

Who fell to the ground? Watch below!