Moritz Seider steps up and lays out Erik Karlsson with massive open-ice hit, he didn’t stand a chance

Erik Karlsson is back. He’s playing like his former self and as the defenseman who dominated the league with the Ottawa Senators. For several years, Karlsson was the best defenseman in the NHL and carried the Ottawa Senators on multiple playoff runs.

But after his move to the San Jose Sharks some years ago, he’s looked like a shadow of his former self. But this season, Karlsson is fully healthy and plays some really impressive hockey.

Karlsson has 64 points in 49 games this season and is a favorite for the Norris Trophy this year. Few people can stop Karlsson when he’s in form, but apparently, Moritz Seider is one of them.

The Detroit Red Wings defenseman was the Calder Trophy winner last year, and he doesn’t play like a 21-year-old D-man. Seider is huge, but at the same time, really fast.

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It’s not easy to stop Erik Karlsson, as he’s one of the fastest skaters in the league. But Seider didn’t have a problem when the San Jose Sharks played the Detroit Red Wings Tuesday. 

As Karlsson skated through the middle, Seider saw an opportunity and stepped up and bodied Karlsson to the ice.

Karlsson had no chance to respond, but luckily, he wasn’t injured, and he immediately got back up. Not a single Sharks player reacted to the hit, and Seider wasn’t even approached by any opponent after the hit.

Erik Karlsson had an assist on both of the Sharks’ goals in the game, which was tied 2-2 after regulation. The Detroit Red Wings won the game 3-2 in OT after a goal from Andrew Copp.

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