Jeff Carter’s Son saved money to buy hockey cards, and the reaction when he finally got his Dad’s was priceless

Jeff Carter isn’t just a great hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s a real family man as well. And here is all the proof you need. 

Jeff Carter is one of the greatest veterans in the NHL, and he played his first game in the league in 2005 with the Philadelphia Flyers. After playing with Philly, he spent eight years with the LA Kings before heading East to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jeff Carter was an alternate captain for the Penguins last year when he scored 45 points in 76 games. Carter plays a big role for the Penguins, and although he’s not the goalscorer he used to be anymore, he’s still an important player for the Penguins. But perhaps most important is that Carter is his Son’s biggest idol. 

If you’re a kid who loves hockey, it’s fair to assume that hockey cards are a big part of life. There wasn’t a greater feeling as a kid than ripping up a pack of new cards, and if your Dad actually plays in the league, well, what could be better?

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Jeff Carter’s wife, Megan Carter, wrote on Twitter that their Son has been saving money to buy hockey cards. Megan said the young kid has been helpful at home and has been great in school, earning him some money. And with the money, he’s bought hockey cards, with one single goal: To get his Dad’s card. 

And when the big moment finally arrived, his Dad was there to share it with him. Megan Carter wrote:

”A little heartwarming moment after the game last night. Our Son is so helpful at home & has been doing great in school. He saves up the money he earns to buy hockey cards, always hoping to get his Dad’s card. He wanted to wait until Jeff got home to open his new cards.” 

And their reaction was so wholesome. When the Son realized that he finally got his Dad’s card, he just screamed. He jumped and laughed with joy and high-fived his Dad. The little kid then said:

”I’ve been waiting. I’ve always wanted to get you!”

Jeff Carter then asked if his Son wanted the card signed. What an incredible moment. We absolutely love it!

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