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Erik Karlsson

Connor McDavid doesn’t care about anonymity, now reveals his vote for the Ted Lindsay ahead of NHL Awards

Connor McDavid reveals his vote for Ted Lindsay

He breaks the anonymity

New reports about Erik Karlsson stuns the NHL

This could be exciting

Fans absolutely slam Erik Karlsson for ”embarrassing” play; they can't understand what he was trying to do

Erik Karlsson is playing the best hockey of his career at the moment. In the last couple of years, he’s ...

When Doughty, Brown, and Kopitar started fighting over Erik Karlsson, who just couldn’t stop laughing

Erik Karlsson is back. He’s the defenseman with most points scored this season, and is carrying the San Jose Sharks ...

Erik Karlsson humiliates opponent with incredible deke, the poor guy didn’t stand a chance

Erik Karlsson is absolutely flying right now. After a couple of tough years, when he’s been mocked and labeled as ...

Erik Karlsson Scores First Preseason Goal off Nifty Redirect

As teams progress towards the season, we finally get to see more regular players lacing up their skates in an ...