Fans absolutely slam Erik Karlsson for ”embarrassing” play; they can’t understand what he was trying to do

Erik Karlsson is playing the best hockey of his career at the moment. In the last couple of years, he’s had troubles with injuries and has looked like a shadow of his former self.

But he’s now dominating on the blue line, and he’s one of the front-runners for the Norris later this year.

With two assists on Monday’s 3-2 OT win against the Winnipeg Jets, Karlsson has now recorded 82 points this campaign. Karlsson has, with that, tied his career high in points, which was set in 2015-16. It’s incredible to see Erik Karlsson’s big revival, but Monday also saw a sequence of him that’s led to massive criticism.

The Sharks were on a powerplay when a Jets player got the puck out of the zone. Erik Karlsson was skating to collect the puck in his own defensive zone, but he didn’t skate quickly enough.

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In fact, it wasn’t even close, and his sloppy attitude led to a Jets player being first to the puck, and it got them on a breakaway through on goal.

Goalie James Reimer bailed Erik Karlsson out with a spectacular scorpion save, keeping the game tied to 1.

On social media, fans absolutely slammed Karlsson for his defensive work on the play.

”Pretty embarrassing clip for EK there,” one said.

”50 seconds into a PP shift less than halfway through the second period… Dude looks like he’s at the end of a three minute shift in 7OT,” another added.

”Norris level defense there,” a third said.

One responded to the Norris comment: ”It’s amazing to me that trophy is for defense but has nothing to do with playing defense.”

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