News anchor pronounces the Canucks and the team’s coaches horribly wrong, and fans can’t stop laughing

It’s been a season-long circus in Vancouver this NHL season, and it’s not much going in the right direction regarding the Canucks right now. Elias Pettersson is having a great season, as he’s on pace for 99 points, but besides that, there’s not much to cheer about in B.C. right now.

The team has been underperforming, especially since many had high expectations of the group heading into the new season. 

It will take a miracle for the Canucks to make the playoffs, and this weekend, Bruce Boudreau was fired. Rick Tocchet was hired as the new head coach, and he has a tough mission ahead of him. Half of the Canucks’ roster is rumored for trades, and the organization has been heavily criticized for how they handled the firing of well-liked coach Bruce Boudreau.

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Well, there’s a lot to say about what’s happening in Vancouver right now, and it’s no wonder a news broadcast of local Washington DC affiliate FOX 5 wanted to talk about it.

But what caught the attention of the fans was how the FOX 5 anchor pronounced the names of the people involved.

To start things off, the anchor referred to Vancouver’s hockey team as the Canukes. She then said that the man fired was named Bruce Bow-dreau and that he was replaced by Rick Tew-ket. 

The Vancouver Canucks have played in the NHL since 1970, but she still got it horribly wrong. The video of the broadcast has gained a lot of attention on social media, and you just can’t argue that it’s a funny clip.

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