Marc-Andre Fleury pulls awesome prank on former teammate Sidney Crosby, it must have taken him hours

Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the most well-liked players in the NHL. Of course, he is one of the greatest goalkeepers of his generation, but that’s not the entire reason behind his popularity. Whoever you talk to about Fleury – whether it’s fans, players, coaches, working staff, or experts and profiles – everybody agrees that he is such a great and fun guy off the ice.

Fleury seems to be such a good teammate, and he’s a role model for many. One thing that makes Fleury such a great teammate is his ability to make others laugh. And not rarely; it’s because of a great prank he’s pulled on one of his teammates.

Source: Twitter

Fleury played with the Pittsburgh Penguins from the start of his NHL career until the summer of 2017. During his time at the Pens, he won three cups and got a friend for life in Sidney Crosby. But Fleury has also made some classic pranks on Sid. So this weekend, it was time for another one.

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Several NHL star players were gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, participating in the NHL’s Player Media Tour. Sidney Crosby was there, and so was his former teammate Marc-Andre Fleury, now with the Minnesota Wild. And, of course, Fleury couldn’t resist the urge to once again pull off a classic prank on Sid the Kid. And luckily for us, the cameras were rolling, and it’s certainly a great watch.

Source: Twitter

Sidney Crosby was heading to the dressing room when he immediately saw something was wrong with his equipment hanging in his stall. Crosby broke out in laughter, and we can guess he understood who was the mind behind the prank. Someone had wrapped his equipment-yep, every part of it in plastic wrap. It was almost impossible for Crosby to put his gear on, and we can assume it took Fleury quite some time to pull this prank off.

In the video below, you can see all the reactions and a lovely hug and handshake between Fleury and Crosby, two former teammates and friends for life.

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