When Al MacInnis did the Beer League warmup in the NHL, forcing his own goalie into emergency surgery

Talking about slap shots, one could argue that Alex Ovechkin has one of the best in the NHL. However, that doesn’t even come close to the one Al MacInnis used as a fierce weapon during his playing days.

The Nova Scotia native put fear into opponents even coming close to trying to block them.

MacInnis holds the record for most wins in the NHL hardest shot competition with seven. His fastest shot was “only” 100.4 mph, which compared to the shots players blasts today.

The big difference? He used a wooden stick.

MacInnis played 23 seasons in the NHL, with goalies all over the league getting anxious. But the fact is he didn’t ease up on his own goaltenders either.

During a warmup, playing for the St Louis Blues, MacInnis unleashed his trademark slap shot which hit Blues’ goalie Rick Parent in the worst of places.

Parent couldn’t continue and got himself to the locker room. Ut turned out to be worse than expected.

Parent had to undergo an emergency surgery after suffering “scrotal contusion and ruptured testicle”. He missed 11 games.

It’s easy to say, no one was spared. Not even teammates.

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