When Chris Chelios joined the UHL, and got to experience some real minor league chirping

No defenseman has played more games in the NHL than Chris Chelios. Chelios was in the league from 1984 to 2010, winning three Cups with the Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings.

When he ended his career, Chelios could look back at a whopping 1 651 games played, with 763 points scored. Only six players in the history of the NHL has played more games – and Chelios is still regarded as one of the most unique and respected players ever.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But when Chelios entered the ice, he was just another opponent. Chelios was well respected by the other players in the league, and by the fans, but wasn’t immune to the on-ice chirps.

He really got to experience it during the lockout season 2004/2005. When the league was postponed Chris Chelios, who played for the Detroit Red Wings at the time, decided to spend the season in minor league UHL. However, he didn’t get a very warm welcome.

Photo: Youtube

In a game against the Rockford Ice Hogs, some players were mic’d up, and at one time a player chirps Chris Chelios – and it’s absolutely AWESOME.

Look for yourself, starting at 1:25 in the video below (NSFW):