Luc Robitaille pays tribute to ”toughest defender he faced,” leaving fans with the chills

Luc Robitaille was an amazing goalscorer, and he’s one of hockey’s biggest icons. Robitaille was that kind of player who just always was in the right place at the right time.

Nicknamed Lucky Luc, he was known for his amazing goal-scoring abilities, and it got him to a whopping 1,394 points in the NHL. Only 12 players in league history have scored more goals than Robitaille, and during his 19-season NHL career, he won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings.

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Robitaille also played with the Penguins, Rangers, and Kings, and when he retired, he did it as the highest-scoring left winger in NHL history. It wasn’t a great surprise he was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in history back in 2017.

During his long career, Robitaille had his way with a lot of defensemen, but for Lucky Luc, one stands out from the rest.

”There was a lot of guys that were tough one-on-one, but I would say Chellie,” Robitaille said in a Sportsnet NHL Roundtable.

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Chris Chelios is acknowledged as one the best defenders in league history, so Robitaille’s answer doesn’t come as a surprise.

”If you beat him, you know, he was not the biggest guy. It was really hard, but if you run him, he made you pay for the next game, the rest of the game, every game… he never forgot it.

Brett Hull had the same answer during the roundtable, but Joe Sakic named Nicklas Lidstrom as his toughest-ever opponent.

”He was faster than you, he was smarter than you, and he was just a guy that you could never beat one-on-one. He was tough to play,” Sakic said about Nick.

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