That time Ron Hextall robbed Wayne Gretzky on a breakaway, and then destroyed him with 5 awesome words

Ron Hextall was a great goalie and a great character as well. He played in the NHL for 13 years and became somewhat of a cult hero during his team in the league. He won the Conn Smythe Trophy in 1989 and broke NHL history by becoming the first goalie to ever score a goal with a shot on goal.

For a long time, he was the only goalie in NHL history to score two goals as a goalie together with Martin Brodeur, and they’re also the only two goalies to score in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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Hextall was also a special goalie in the sense that he, in some ways, was like an enforcer. He wasn’t shy to engage in fights, and during a 13-year career, he dropped the gloves five times.

Hextall took the NHL by storm when he arrived in the league in 1986-87. During his rookie season, he was awarded the Vezina Trophy as he led the Flyers to the Stanley Cup Finals.

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Many were surprised by Hextall joining the best league in the world and dominating it immediately, including Wayne Gretzky.

Hextall was in goal on the opening night of the 1986-87 season, and he faced the toughest possible opponents in the form of the Edmonton Oilers, with superstar Wayne Gretzky leading the line. The Oilers scored with their first shot of the game, but they didn’t score again that came.

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Hextall played incredible hockey, and Wayne Gretzky was in shock.

“Who the hell are you?” Wayne Gretzky said after Hextall robbed him on a breakaway early in the game.

Ron Hextall, not just a great goalie but a great chirper as well, replied in the best way imaginable.

“Who the hell are you?” He said.

Source: Sports Illustrated.

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