Fans can’t stop laughing at hilarious moment for Brendan Gallagher, goes viral after losing his skate blade

The Canadiens rank 28th in the NHL in goals allowed, so they were in for a tough task playing against the best offensive team in the NHL on Sunday.

The Canadiens did manage to keep Vancouver off the scoresheet in the first period of the game, but that was about as fun as it got for Montreal.

The Vancouver Canucks outshot the Canadians 15-8 in the second period and scored the goals as well. The Canadiens had a 1-1 equalizing goal disallowed following a video review, where Cole Caufield was determined offside.

Mike Matheson gave the Canadiens hope with a power play goal in the third period, but the Canucks, ranked No. 4 in the NHL, eventually won 5-2. It was a tough night for the Canadiens, who rank 6th in the Atlantic, and for Brendan Gallagher.

He finished the game with a minus-4 rating—only Nick Suzuki finished with worse—and also had a terrible moment during the game where he lost his skate blade.

Gallagher had a long way to the bench, and he was unable to skate. The video of him trying his best to get to his teammates quickly went viral, with everyone finding it absolutely hilarious.

Accordingly, the Canucks had the puck and were heading to the net, but the cameraman decided to stay on Gallagher, and we’re grateful he did.

”Thought this was my beer league highlight reel for a sec,” one fan hilariously said on social media.

”That’s exactly how I skate,” another said.

”No matter how many times I see this, I laugh. It will never not be funny to me — all that speed and skill, and they need a tow to the bench lol,” a third added.

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