Coyotes’ Liam O’Brien goes viral with seemingly unprovoked rampage against confused opponent

Note to self: Don’t get on Arizona Coyotes’ Liam O’Brien’s bad side. The forward had a viral moment in Thursday’s contest with the St. Louis Blues after losing his mind completely. And nobody understood why he was even remotely upset.

O’Brien and Blues’ Samuel Blais skated towards the blue zone, and after exchanging a few words, O’Brien suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, cross-checked Blais so hard the stick actually broke. The incident seem to have made O’Brien even angrier, and he immediately dropped his gloves to fight his opponent.

Blais didn’t seem interested at all, and frankly, he looked surprised over the events that occurred. Blais skated away from O’Brien, who rushed after him, and as he came in from behind, both players fell to the ice.

Source: X

The video sequence quickly made the rounds on social media, with everyone saying the same thing: Is everything alright with O’Brien?

”uhhh what is happening?” The St. Louis Blues said on X.

”Clown move,” another said.

”WHY WAS BRO SO PRESSED LMAO,” a third added.

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