David Pastrnak’s heartwarming gesture right before Charlie Coyle’s hat-trick goal is the most wholesome thing we’ve seen

The question on everyone’s mind ahead of this year’s NHL season was how the Boston Bruins would adjust, adapt, and move on without some of their veteran forwards and leaders.

Team captain Patrice Bergeron and veteran David Krejci both decided to retire after a shock elimination from the playoffs earlier in 2023 after the Bruins broke all kinds of records in the regular season.

But once again, the Bruins are absolutely flying through an NHL season, and they’ve just been looking great all around. Brad Marchand has picked off as captain where Bergeron left off, and they’re looking sharp offensively and defensively; and with the Vezina Trophy winner Linus Ullmark in net, the Bruins seem to be the team to beat this year.

The Boston Bruins is the No. 1 team in the NHL right now, improving their record to 11-1-1 with a win over the New York Islanders on Thursday night. Despite their huge success with wins, the Bruins only have two players in the top 50 in points, proving how much of a team effort their incredible start to the season really is.

David Pastrnak, ranked 6st for points in the NHL this season, had a goal and two assists in Thursday’s 5-2 win, but he could’ve had another goal if it wasn’t for a wholesome gesture to teammate Charlie Coyle, who instead scored his first NHL hat trick.

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The Bruins were up 4-2 late in the game as Coyle skated through the zones with an empty net in front of him. David Pastrnak made several gestures towards Coyle as he had the puck, saying he shouldn’t pass the puck to him, as Pastrnak wanted Coyle to complete his hat trick.

Coyle did, however, pass the puck to Pastrnak, who had an open shot from the right circle; but instead, ’Pasta’ fed it back to Coyle, who just could tap the puck in the net for his first National Hockey League hat trick.

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On social media, fans absolutely loved Pastrnak’s incredible gesture and selflessness.

”Just love the selflessness in hockey. It’s the best,” one comment said.

”I love Pasta here going SHOOT IT SHOOT IT WHY ARE YOU PASSING WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” another said.

”Pasternak giving it to him for the hatty is everything I love about this team,” a third added.

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