Kings’ Andreas Englund absolutely bulldozes a 6’6 giant with one of the cleanest hits of the season

The Pittsburgh Penguins looked off at the start of the season. They had a busy off-season, most notable signing superstar defenseman, Norris Trophy-winner Erik Karlsson.

The Swede was traded from the San Jose Sharks in a push to win his first Stanley Cup, but the Penguins didn’t look like a contender at the beginning of this year’s campaign. But now, they seem to have found something, and they headed into Thursday’s matchup with the LA Kings with two straight wins.

After beating the Sharks and the Ducks, the Penguins were still just on a 5-6-0 record, and now they faced the LA Kings with a 7-game points streak. 

The game was intense and great, with a lot of physical edge. In the first period, Kings defenseman Andreas Englund laid one of the greatest hits we’ve seen this season and most definitely one of the hardest as well.

Pens’ Radim Zohorna made his way through the zones, and as he tried to cut toward the middle, Englund saw his opportunity. He absolutely bulldozed him, and Zohorna didn’t stand a chance.

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The hit was as clean as they get, and Zohorna and his stick went flying. On social media, fans absolutely loved the massive hit, and there weren’t short of hilarious comments about Zohorna’s stick.

”His stick got knocked into the 5th dimension, lol. That’s an all timer,” one said.

”Stick ended up at the Forum,” another said.

”I’m at the game, I saw his soul leave his body,” a third added.

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Englund deserves all the praise for the hit, especially judging on who he hit. Radim Zohorna is a 6′6″, 220 lb giant, which makes the whole thing even more impressive.

”To knock a giant like Zohorna off his feet like that is something else,” one viewer said on social media.

”That was a TRAIN,” another said.

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