Radko Gudas leaves goalie puzzled after scoring weirdest goal of the year, fans claim it’s ‘straight out of a Mighty Ducks movie’

Radko Gudas is good at many things, but goal-scoring isn’t really one of them. So far, during this early NHL season, Gudas has only managed two goals through 14 games, but that’s actually equaled how many he scored through last year.

Gudas has scored six goals at most during an NHL season, and when he scores, it’s usually not the greatest-looking goals. He’s not very flashy on the ice, but he’s a great asset with a big physical presence and an ability to always put his team first.

Gudas is a gigant on the ice, and that’s what he’s in a team for, but every time he scores a goal, his teammates are often thrilled for him, which was the case in Sunday’s matchup with the San Jose Sharks.

The Anaheim Ducks were in a 3-1 lead after a Mason McTavish goal at the beginning of the third period, but less than a minute later, Gudas stole the show as he showcased his offensive prowess with a rare sighting.

Gudas seized an opportunity to join an offensive rush, and his shot from the blue line took a big deflection, creating a chip shot that left Sharks goalie Mackenzie Blackwood confused. He didn’t see the puck at any time, and suddenly, it was in the back of the net.

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The goal quickly went viral, as we rarely see that kind of high-chip shots leading to goals. Some on social media even called it ”straight out of a Mighty Ducks movie.” Many also highlighted that the goal highlighted exactly how unlucky the Starks are this year.

”That’s so 2023 sharks,” one said.

”I love Blackwood’s little “Well, what the f**k am I supposed to do about that” shrug at the end,” another said.

”Does anyone have the replay with the puck trail on it? Hilarious,” a third added.

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