Fans are losing it over Mitch Marner’s reaction to getting punched in the face by Matthew Tkachuk

The Toronto Maple Leafs have done it. For the first time since April 2004, they actually won a second-round series game in the playoffs.

Unfortunately for the Leafs, they’re still down 3-1 in the series against the Florida Panthers, but as they won Game 4 2-1, they avoided being swept by the Panthers, also known as the Comeback Cats, after their incredible turnaround against the Bruins in the first round of the playoffs.

As Toronto won the tight Game 4, emotions ran high, and after the final horn sounded, a scrum broke out between the two teams. Matthew Tkachuk, one of the players with the hottest tempers in the league, was involved, but it was the more unexpected who he went after.

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Mitch Marner is not known for his physical game or his ability to get opponents out of balance, but this time, he and Tkachuk went after each other, but to be fair, Tkachuk did most of the punching.

Tkachuk punched Marner twice in the face, as referees did everything to separate the players. But what Marner did after the two punches have been the talk of the hockey world after Wednesday’s contest.

Mitch Marner’s hilarious reaction sparked even more violence from Tkachuk and the Panthers player, and he knew what he was doing all along. When asked about the incident postgame, he had a perfect response.

“Well I know exactly what he’s going to try to do,” Marner said, “Just stay poised and don’t really give a flying f. You know what the next word is.”

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