A furious Connor McDavid calls out Vegas Golden Knights player, begs the NHL to hand out suspension

The second-round playoff series between the Edmonton Oilers and the Vegas Golden Knights keeps on giving. So far, none of the games has been that close in scoring, with the teams winning two games each with a comfortable margin.

But Game 4 was still testy, and we saw a wild and vicious ending to the game and a controversial incident involving Knights’ Alex Pietrangelo and Oilers’ Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid.

Edmonton Oilers won the game 4-1, tying the series to 2-2. When Leon Draisaitl attempted to score an empty-netter in the closing moments of the game, Knights’ defenseman Alex Pietrangelo delivered a slashing on the playoff leader in points.

As the game was all but decided, and with little time on the clock, there was no doubt that Pietrangelo’s slashing was unnecessary, and so thought Draisaitl’s teammates. Draisaitl had already taken his shots when he received the slash, and rushing to Draisaitl’s defense was non-other than Connor McDavid.

McDavid isn’t really known for his hot temper, but he immediately went after Pietrangelo, proving his captaining abilities.

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Postgame, McDavid was furious and asked for a suspension on Pietrangelo.

“You would like to see it reviewed for sure. I’d like to see it suspended,” Edmonton captain McDavid said. “It was as intent to injure as you can get. That was not a hockey play.”

Edmonton coach Jay Woodcroft wasn’t as angry, and he definitely held back on the matter.

“If you’re asking my opinion on that play, I would not define it as a hockey play,” Woodcroft said. “And I’ll leave it at that.”

On social media, fans were fuming over Pietrangelo’s slashing, and almost everyone believes that a suspension is imminent.

”That was an incredibly dirty play. If Pietrangelo isn’t suspended for this, then this league is an absolute joke. That was a deliberate attempt to injure our leading goal scorer with the game already out of reach for his team. NHL Player Safety, please do your job!” Said one.

”Clear intent to injure…he’ll be lucky not to get a game,” another said.

”Must suspend him, that’s just dangerous,” a third added.

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