Here are five iconic moments when Peter Forsberg turned into a bulldozer and completely steamrolled opponents

Peter Forsberg’s career was nothing but amazing. He’s one of the best Swedish players in league history, and many even claim that ”Foppa,” in his prime, was one of the best players ever. Injuries destroyed Forsberg’s career, and he often played with a lot of pain in his feet.

Still, Forsberg managed to record 885 points in 708 games, and during his years with the Colorado Avalanche, he won two Stanley Cups.

Peter Forsberg. Source: Bildbyran

Peter Forsberg was a great goalscorer and playmaker, but he was versatile and could do just about anything on the ice. That includes some bone-crushing hits. Peter Forsberg wasn’t the player to hand out massive open-ice hits.

But he had the ability to do some amazing reverse hits while having control of the puck. Here are some of his absolute best moments in the NHL, where Forsberg displayed enormous strength and body-checking abilities.

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Ray Ferraro had a long NHL career. But it still seemed like he didn’t know much about who he faced when he played against Forsberg, who sent him flying while having the puck:

Another guy that tried to stand in Forsberg’s way was Tony Amonte. But it didn’t work out well. It’s fair to say that it could hurt playing against the Swedish star:

Speaking of hard-hitting Swedes… Niklas Kronwall laid some huge open-ice hits during his years in Detroit. But even a legendary hitter like Kronwall once felt Forsberg’s presence during a playoff game in 2008:

Peter Forsberg loved playing the Detroit Red Wings, the Avalanche’s great rivals. During one matchup, Forsberg took out Tomas Holmström and Larry Murphy in the span of 10 seconds with two amazing body-checks:

But, of course, Forsberg could lay big hits at any time during a game and against any type of player. Russian star Vladimir Konstantinov was hard as a rock, but he went flying when Forsberg laid a big open ice on him during the 1995-96 season:

Peter Forsberg was a goalscoring machine, but we’ll never forget his ability to destroy people on the ice as well. What a legend!

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