Rare footage of Tie Domi being mic’d up during an NHL game might be the best thing we’ve ever seen

Everyone loves when players are mic’d up during NHL games.

It’s incredible to hear what the players are saying to each other and to their opponents during the most intense parts of games, and with so much on the line.

The best thing about mic ’d-up videos is the chirping.

It’s always hilarious hearing the nasty things opponents say to each other, and usually, an F-bomb or two may slip in the videos.

But hockey has changed. Just twenty or thirty years ago, the game was played way differently than today, with more physical plays, more emotions, and, of course, more fighting. And Tie Domi was best in class.

Often acknowledged as the best fighter in NHL history, Domi is the all-time leader in penalty minutes in Toronto Maple Leafs’ franchise history.

Source: Facebook

He’s also third overall in penalty minutes in NHL history and the player in league history with the most fighting majors.

Domi was a menace every time he stepped onto the ice and left no prisoners.

Source: Facebook

In the documentary ’Tie Domi: What it Takes,’ we actually got to see and hear what it was like playing against him.

When he was playing with the Winnipeg Jets in the 90s, Domi was actually mic’d up during a game, and it was way better than we ever could’ve imagined.

Source: Facebook

Domi has a really unique voice, and when he screams at opponents, it’s just the funniest thing.

These days, an F-bomb or two occasionally drops in the mic ’d-up videos, but Domi’s profanities were way worse than that, and the intensity of his game really was proven by the video.

Give it a watch down below – we promise it’s worth it! What a legend! 

Mic’d up Tie Domi is incredible

Posted by Missin Curfew on Saturday, May 22, 2021
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