Dominik Hasek always checked his weight directly after every loss, and the reason why is just hilarious

Dominik Hasek is a true legend. He played goaltender in the NHL for 16 seasons and put up some impressive numbers. Hasek is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion, and he won the Vezina Trophy as the best goalkeeper in the NHL a whopping six times.

Hasek was also a hilarious and special guy, loved by all his teammates. Sure, Hasek was incredibly professional and always did everything to win and improve. Hasek was one heck of a competitor and never settled with a loss. And he always tried to figure out what wasn’t working. And often, he turned to his own weight.

Hasek was a control freak, and when his team lost, he was quick to try and find out why he didn’t perform as well as he’d hoped.

A former teammate on the Red Wings, Andreas Lilja, recently shared a story on how Hasek, after every loss, went straight into the dressing room to check on his weight.

”He was a funny guy, but so special. If we lost a game, he went and checked on his weight, and if he’d lost any weight at all during the game, he just stood there and shouted. ’I f*cking knew it,’ he yelled. It was always his weight that was the problem,” Lilja said.

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