Ryan Whitney was outrageous with the officiating in the WJC semifinal: ‘One of the worst calls in hockey history’

Canada will, just like they did five months ago, play for the gold medal in the World Junior Championship. They won the semifinal against the United States 6-2 to advance to the final, but it was dramatic. The Americans started the game fast and well and took a 2-0 lead.

The U.S. had nine shots on target before Canada had their first, but the game turned quickly. Connor Bedard scored to make it a 1 goal game, and in the second period, team Canada scored three unanswered goals.

But the lead was controversial. In the second period, the U.S. had one goal disallowed on goaltender interference, and in the third period, yet another goal was called back for the same reason. On social media, many claimed that the calls on the ice were wrong and too soft. Many were outrageous by the rulings, one of which was Ryan Whitney. The former NHLer called it ”one of the worst calls in hockey history.”

”This game, no matter what, if Canada wins, is under protest, under review, this is a robbery. This is a 3-3 game, and it’s one of the worst calls I have ever seen in the history of hockey. Legit, he had the puck wrapped around, beautiful goal, no chance the goalie stopping it. If U.S. wins, which they probably will, it’ss basically two gold medals. If they loose, it doesn’t even count. It does not count. It’s a disgrace to the game of hockey, internationally or everywhere you are. A joke!”

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Senior NHL writer Greg Wyshynski said: ”What would Canada do if they lost a WJC goal on a joke goalie interference ruling like that? Demand an audience with the U.N.?”

U.S. head coach Rand Pecknold was disappointed with the rulings but didn’t want to be too harsh on the officials.

“I would say I’m pretty frustrated with the two disallowed goals but I’m not going to comment on officiating other than, you know, you’ve got 18, 19-year-old kids in this environment and you had two taken away. That’s a huge part of the game for sure. But I’m not going to comment on the officials. The head officials can deal with that.”

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