Mitch Marner humiliates Jordan Binnington with amazing shootout goal, he didn’t have a clue

Jordan Binnington is a special keeper. On his days, he’s almost impossible to outsmart, and he’s already a Stanley Cup winner. But recently, most of the talking surrounding Binnington has been of different things than just playing goal.

Binnington is a hothead, and when things aren’t going the way he wants them to, he reacts, and he reacts wildly. This season, he’s been criticized heavily for chirping and hitting opponents, and one time, he even tried to take down Jordan Staal with a hit–but it ended with Binnington flying to the ice.

Source: Twitter

Binnington even got slammed by his own coach, who begged Binnington to ”stop,” and ”just play goal.” Since then, Binnington has improved with his outbursts, and his focus seems way better. Binnington will always be a fan favorite in St. Louis, but other teams’ fans don’t exactly love him.

So whenever he gets humiliated on the ice, fans are quick to cheer, and last night showed a great example of that.

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The game between the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs was tied 5-5 after regulation, and the game was decided in a shootout. When Mitch Marner stepped up for his penalty attempt, Binnington didn’t stand a chance. Marner deked out Binnington, who was left humiliated as he put the puck into an empty net.

Source: Twitter

Jordan Binnington immediately looked at the referee as he thought Marner went backward. But after review, the call on the ice for a good goal stood.
On social media, fans were quick to slam Binnington.

”Lmao Binnington was looking for something to complain about immediately,” one said.

”The way he looked at the ref for help…,” said another.

”Love to see it,” a third added.

Binnington got the last laugh, however, as he saved Rasmus Sandin’s attempt in the third round to seal the victory for the Blues.

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