10-year-old kid scores the perfect Michigan goal and the little magician just can’t stop celebrating it

The rookie sensation Trevor Zegras has taken the hockey world by storm, and what’s got people’s attention the most has been his incredible Michigan points. Yes, points, not just goals.

In December, he assisted Sonny Milano by lifting the puck from behind the net, just for Milano to bat in. It didn’t take long until he, in January, scored a Michigan goal himself against the Montreal Canadiens.

The Michigan goal is growing more popular in NHL, and during recent years, star players like Andrei Svechnikov and Filip Forsberg have accomplished the move, successfully scoring.

And now it keeps spreading, which has led to some extraordinary goals even at younger ages.

Source: Reddit

A Reddit user named jksketch posted a video of his son successfully pulling off a Michigan last weekend, and it’s truly a work of art. First, the young kid, aged 10, lifts the puck and then goes near the post to beat the keeper, and then he goes wild.

Source: Reddit

His teammates are just dying to celebrate with him, but the little magician skates on, celebrating like he’s just done something super special and incredible. And to be fair, he did. This video is an absolute must-watch!

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