When Gino Odjick scored the most ordinary penalty shot and a whole arena celebrated like they won the Cup

Gino Odjick didn’t add up a whole lot of points in the NHL, despite playing as a winger, but few people have been so well-liked by his teammates and fans as Odjick was. And this incredible clip is an excellent example of that.

Odjick was drafted in the fifth round of the 1990 NHL Draft, and it didn’t take long until he was played in the same line as Hall of Famer Pavel Bure. Bure did the scoring during those years, and Odjick stood for the protection and, of course, the fighting.

Source: Youtube

Odjick’s highest-scoring season came in 1993-94 when he scored 16 goals and a total of 29 points, but he wasn’t used to being the creative star. One time, however, during a game against the Calgary Flames, he got to shine. And it was clear how much it meant for him – and how happy his teammates and fans were.

In October 1991, Odjick got fouled by Hall of Fame defenseman Al MacInnis, and Odjick got the chance at a penalty shot. It’s pretty evident that Odjick wasn’t used to it as he skated against the goalie, but he released a quick shot and managed to beat the legendary Mike Vernon in goal.

Source: Youtube

Odjick celebrated as he’d just won the Stanley Cup, and the fans at the Pacific Coliseum couldn’t stop cheering. What a fabulous moment!

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