Teammate reveals Jaromir Jagr’s crazy pre-game routine involving a pool, a hockey stick, and a puck

Jaromir Jagr is the gift that just keeps on giving. On Wednesday, the living legend celebrates his 51st birthday, and if you’re wondering how he will celebrate his birthday, you will not be disappointed with the answer.

Jaromir Jagr may have left the NHL several years ago, but he still plays in Czechia, and of course, he’s celebrating his birthday by playing a hockey game.

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Jaromir Jagr’s love for the game is unique, and a couple of weeks ago, he passed Wayne Gretzky in most goals scored. Even competing at the level Jagr does, aged 51, is amazing, but it’s no coincidence.

Jagr has always looked after his body and has practiced harder than probably any other athlete. There are many stories and anecdotes about Jagr and his unique way of keeping his body fresh, and it’s always amusing to hear about.

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For example, when playing in the NHL, Jagr used to have his own key to the arena to practice at weird hours. Jagr only sleeps four hours at a time, so when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he goes for practice. And he still does things that blow his teammates’ minds.

His teammate in Kladno, the team where Jagr plays and also owns, now claims that despite his age, Jagr still has all these weird routines when he doesn’t play games.

”His routines are actually crazy,” Adam Brodecki said.

”He warms up three-four times. He walks around in a weight vest and has weights on his feet. Before practice, he’s on the ice and just skates around. And when the team is on the ice, he just keeps to himself.”

Brodecki also said that Jagr practices during late hours, sometimes in the middle of the night. But it’s one other thing that Jagr does that shocked Brodecki.

”We have this pool. Every morning when Jagr arrives for practice, he warms up in the pool. He just jumps in the water, and then he stands there, with a stick and a puck, doing dekes. That’s his warmup.”

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