Reporters can’t stop laughing when Jeff Marchand shares an embarrassing secret about his brother Brad

The Boston Bruins isn’t just a great hockey team. They’re also doing some really funny stuff off the ice, and all players on the team seem to be in a perfect place, and star players like Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron seem to love life at the moment.

The Bruins did something great this week, and the players all seemed to love it. In NHL, it’s not unusual with Mom/Dad trips.

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It’s when teams invite the player’s parents to road trips, and it’s usually really wholesome. For the parents to see their kids play on the road is such a blessing, and it’s a great gesture from the teams. But this week, the Bruins took it one step further.

The Bruins are currently hosting a road trip for siblings, and players’ brothers and sisters are currently traveling with the team and watching them play. And it has already led to some amazing content.

Reporters have been trying to get the siblings to share some dirt on the players, and they actually had success with Brad Marchand’s brother.

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As reporters talked to Jeff and Brad Marchand, Jeff actually shared an embarrassing secret about Brad.
Jeff was asked if there is anything we didn’t know about Brad.

“He’s big into poetry. Loves poetry, Shakespeare. Reading, writing. He was in poetry clubs,” he said.

Reporters then asked if it was true, and Brad Marchand had to intervene to say ”No!”

Jeff and Brad couldn’t stop laughing, nor could the reporters in the Bruins’ locker room. This is actually hilarious, and the content we absolutely love.

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