The absolutely hilarious reason Teemu Selanne was called ”Holy shit” while playing for the Winnipeg Jets

Teemu Selanne is a legend. He was selected as the 10th overall in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft, and that would turn out to be a fantastic selection.

In his debut season in the NHL, Selanne scored 132 points and carried his team, the Winnipeg Jets, to the playoffs. It was just the beginning of an iconic NHL career.

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When Selanne retired after the 2013-14 season, he did it as one of the greatest players of all time. Together with Gretzky’s former teammate Jari Kurri, he’s renowned as the best Finnish player of all time. Selanne recorded 1,457 points in 1,451 games.

With that, he’s 12th in points in NHL history.

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Selanne is a legend of the Anaheim Ducks and is not just renowned for his play on the ice. Selanne was also well-liked as a teammate and a huge fan favorite for how he was off the ice.

Selanne was a great guy and a jokester who always made everyone around them laugh and feel better.

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Selanne could always make the people around him laugh.

For example, Teemu Selanne was nicknamed ”Holy Shit” while playing for the Jets. And the reason is hilarious.

”We called him ’Holy Shit’ because he didn’t speak a lot of English and when he did, he used that expression a lot, often in very odd situations,” said former Jets defenseman Dave Ellett.

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