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Wendel Clarke’s hilarious threat against Pavel Bure to stop Gino Odjick from targeting Doug Gilmour

How Clark got Odjick to stop hitting Gilmour

He learned the truth years later...

That time former NHLer woke up to a bloodbath in hotel room, caused by non-other than Doug Gilmour

If you’re a Swedish hockey fan, you’ve definitely heard of Andreas Dackell. But to the broad hockey audience, he’s not ...

Doug Gilmour names the toughest goalie he faced

Explains what made him so special

When Doug Gilmour got tired of Darius Kasparaitis, and hid for hours in the parking lot ready for revenge

There’s no doubt that Toronto Maple Leafs legend Doug Gilmour is one of the greatest hockey players ever. Gilmour played ...

The awesome clip of Doug Gilmour rating chirps

Doug Gilmour rating