When Matthew Barnaby was looking for trouble and got totally obliterated by Eric Lindros

Matthew Barnaby was one of the heavy weigh fighters of his era. During the span of 18 seasons in the NHL, starting in 1993 and ending with him retiring in 2007, Barnaby engaged in 191 fights.

He sits at 18th place on the list of most penalized players in NHL history with 2562 penalty minutes.

Even though Barnaby engaged in plenty of fights, all of them weren’t a walk in the park. Some meant going up against real heavy weight opponents. And in February 1996 he did just that. Against Eric Lindros.

Feb. 25 1997, the Buffalo Sabres faced the Philadelphia Flyers. In the third period, during a stoppage, Barnaby skated against Lindros who answered straight away.

Barnaby was known for his fighting skills. However, going up against the 240 pound Hall of Famer isn’t an easy task. And Barnaby got his fair share.

Lindros put in several huge bombs on Barnaby and it all ended with the Flyers’ centerman throwing him onto the ice.

Barnaby got a fighting penalty but Lindros was done for the night, heading of the ice with the cheers of the Philly crowd, for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Watch the fight below:

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