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Matthew Barnaby

Matthew Barnaby reveals why he absolutely hates former teammate Dominik Hasek: ”Wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire”

Matthew Barnaby reveals why he ”hates” Hasek

Calls the legendary goalkeeper a ”serial douchebag”

Barnaby reveals the chirp to make Lindros lose it

It was over the line

Matthew Barnaby had a special vodka trick to get his teammate through a game against Legion of Doom

You can’t forget to mention the Legion of Doom when talking about NHL tough guys. The Legion of Doom was ...

When Rob Ray knocked Barnaby's teeth out while watching TV

Matthew Barnaby made himself known as one of the toughest players of the 1990’s. In 834 NHL games, he ended ...

When Matthew Barnaby was looking for trouble and got totally obliterated by Eric Lindros

Matthew Barnaby was one of the heavy weigh fighters of his era. During the span of 18 seasons in the ...