When Cam Neely got TKOd and claimed his retaliation only minutes later

Cam Neely was a great point scorer in the NHL. The Hall of Fame forward put up 783 points in 819 games, but besides that, Neely sure knew how to fight.

For example, during the 1986/1987 season, Neely had 78 points in 79 games. At the same time, he dropped his gloves 13 times, with some of them more intense than others.

Neely was the definition of a NHL power forward, leading the Bruins to two Stanley Cup finals. He also hit the 100 penalty minutes seven seasons.

On Jan. 29 1987, he actually managed to get in two fights in the same game. And that against the same opponent in Scot Kleinendorst of the Hartford Whalers.

In the second period, Neely and Kleinendorst squared of in what was a quick fight. The Whalers’ defenceman TKOd Neely in only a matter of seconds. Some people might think that it would’ve been a good idea for Neely to back off after that. But no, he wanted his revenge.

Early in the third period, Neely went after Kleinendorst one again. And this time there wasn’t really a fair fight.

Neely threw several big punches at his opponent, taking him down on the ice. If the Bruins’ legendary forward isn’t the the definition of a guy who never wants to loose, even in fighting. We don’t know what is.

Watch Neely go against Kleinendorst twice in one game in the clip down below.

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